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    4 tipps for perfect instagram photos

    4 Tips for perfect Instagram photos

    The numbers are impressive: over 1 billion people now use Instagram worldwide, 21 million in Germany alone. Given these numbers, you can hardly imagine what an unbelievable flood of images appears on the popular social media platform. Great Instagram pictures are all the more important if you want to stand out from the crowd and inspire your followers all around. With these 4 tips for creating a unique and perfect Instagram photo, it should work.

    Tip 1: Make sure you choose a minimalist motif !

    The internet puts us all in a constant state of overstimulation and that can sometimes be too much. Quiet, minimalist and not too colorful pictures are a pleasant change. So it’s no wonder that unexcited, reduced motifs are particularly popular with Instagram users. You should also do without wild alienation effects and lush frames. Less is clearly more on Instagram. Instead of investing a lot of time in alienating or framing the pictures, invest in a suitable choice of motifs and a really good photo with perfect alignment.

    Tip 2: Play with extraordinary perspectives!

    Instead of trying to draw attention to your Instagram pictures with gimmicks such as frames or overloaded motifs, you should rather play with perspective. This allows great effects to be achieved without the Instagram images appearing artificial or overloaded. Sometimes a photo from diagonally below, a beautiful mirror image, a particular detail in the center, targeted blurring, a sophisticated image background – there are many different ways to put yourself or other motifs in an extraordinary way for Instagram. Photos with slight movement are also well received: whether rotating around their own axis or blowing hair – that always makes a subject loose and natural. With any image, consider carefully what you are bringing into focus. A certain symmetry is also important in order to make a professional impression.

    Tip 3: Watch out for light and shadow!

    Good Instagram pictures live from light and shadow, the interaction of these two opposites makes photos really come alive. In this context, it is recommended to take your Instagram pictures in daylight, as photos with flash often appear unnatural.

    The best time of day for your Instagram shoot is the afternoon, but the morning light can also give your photos that certain something. Photos look particularly appealing if you manage to catch the rays of the sun. This puts the viewer in a good mood and gives you a like or two. But beautiful pictures can also be taken when the sky is cloudy. The less strong light also creates less harsh shadows, so that the images appear softer.

    Especially with flatlays, i.e. objects arranged in a still life, you should pay special attention to the right lighting and the targeted use of light and shadow. The shadows give such images more depth and make them real eye-catchers.

    Tip 4: Invest time in uniform processing!

    Simply uploading unedited snapshots to Instagram is usually not a good idea. Because careful image processing turns every good image into an even better one. In addition, Instagram profiles are particularly successful if they have a uniform style. A black and white photo, a vintage filter, a bright color? Such a wild mix looks rather unprofessional and is usually not so well received.

    So think carefully about which photo style suits you personally and then stick with it. With some image editing programs, such as Lightroom, a filter that has been set can even be saved so that you can then apply it to all of your Instagram images. This means that your Instagram pictures stay beautifully uniform and attract even more looks due to their aesthetics.

    If you follow all of these tips for a while, your social media profile will appear much tidier, more aesthetic, more professional and more varied. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect instagram photo ? So you will be guaranteed even more likes and comments. Just try it.

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