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TikTok Views (Country Targeted)

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Why should you buy TikTok Views?

TikTok’s popularity is rising rapidly, and other significant social media platforms like Instagram can not do much to stop it. More than 2 billion people have downloaded TikTok, and around 800 million people worldwide log in daily to the app. It’s evident that this rise in popularity will not stop any time soon. You have to be active on TikTok and buy TikTok views to get a kickstart for your Channel if you wish to maintain your presence and make a living as an influencer if that’s what you desire. People care about how many views, TikTok likes, or TikTok followers you have on your account.

If you have many TikTok views on your videos, it’s almost guaranteed that people will be more curious to see your content since they would try to understand how you manage to achieve this success. After you Buy TikTok Views, it’s only a matter of time until they get overwhelmed by their curiosity and check your content out. If you wish to be an inspiring content creator and get famous on social media, eventually, that’s what you’ll want people to do.

Targeted Views

Real Users will click on your video.

Safe & Real

Real & Safe for your TikTok Account. 

Highest Quality

Views will stay forever and will not drop.

What customers say about us

Investing in SocialNovo's TikTok views was a smart move for my content. The authentic and engaging views they provided not only increased the exposure of my videos but also attracted more viewers and interactions.
David Zaras
Record Label /CEO
Thanks to Socialnovo my videos gained significant recognition. Prices are also cheap compared to other providers and you really get real views. 100% recommended !
Maro Testimonial Socialnovo
Rap Artist

FAQ - Most Frequently asked questions

Yes you can choose the country above. Choose the amount of views and the country you want the views to come from.

Of course, it will. People are attracted to popular things, especially on social media. Therefore, we can easily say that your organic traffic will sky-rocket as people will perceive you as a high-value account.

Absolutely! The purchase of TikTok views  is fully secure and legal. We are high experienced and take great precautions to not violate terms and policies of the platforms. In our experience conducting surveys, tests, and reviews of the purchase of TikTok Views, we can attest to its legality and safety. Not only is it 100% safe and legal, but we also have personally never encountered any problem purchasing TikTok views. 

Yes, we guarantee our services 100%. In fact our services usually get overdelivered because when we stop sharing your content there will be always more people clicking on your link. 

We provide 100% real human views to your TikTok Video. The services that you buy will be permanent, and there won’t be any decrease. However, in the unlikely case of view drops you can always contact us letting us know about your problem and we will make sure your views  will get refilled.  Please don’t forget to place your ORDER ID into the refill request. A refill usually takes 1-5 days to happen. 

We sometimes decide to pause your campaign for any reason and without any notice. It is always our goal to deliver your order as quickly and safely as possible; however, there may be certain circumstances such as an upgrade performed to a Social Network that may make pausing your campaign necessary. We don’t stop the order without any reason, your account’s safety is our first priority. Some companies out there deliver the service overnight which can put your account under a unnecessary risk. Don’t worry, we will speed up your order shortly 🙂 More infos in the Terms of services. (Pausing campaigns)

It will not take a long time. We will start processing your order as soon we receive your transaction. Therefore, you should expect to see a differene within 6-12 hours after purchase. For example are weable to complete even 1 million views within 5 days.


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