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Why should you buy Instagram Comments ?

If you buy Instagram Comments you will make your posts look popular. People tend to take a closer look at the posts full of comments compared to photos with no comments. So when you have comments under your posts, you will attract many people. Some of them will keep the attraction going by liking or making comments, and perhaps some of them will follow you just because you give the impression that you are already popular. So, by buying only one product from us, chances are high to receive organic likes, comments, and followers. As a result, your profile will be more active than ever before.

Yes, we guarantee our services 100%. In fact our services usually get overdelivered because when we stop sharing your content there will be always more people posting a comment.

They usually all stick. In case of drops you have a lifetime refill warrant. Simply contact us via contact form with your ORDER ID 

That depends on how many comments you wish to get. While choosing the amount of comments you want to receive, you will see the estimated time beside it.

We sometimes decide to pause your campaign for any reason and without any notice. It is always our goal to deliver your order as quickly and safely as possible; however, there may be certain circumstances such as an upgrade performed to a Social Network that may make pausing your campaign necessary. We don’t stop the order without any reason, your account’s safety is our first priority. Some companies out there deliver the service overnight which can put your account under a unnecessary risk. Don’t worry, we will speed up your order shortly. More infos in the Terms of services

23 reviews for Instagram Comments

  1. DJ DUZO (verified owner)

    IG likes is very easy, comments is not. Also very easy to customise the comments to be exactly what I want. The engagement score for my IG has improved significantly thanks to you guys!

  2. Hayden (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

    comments: 200 x 1
  3. Ryder Row Records (verified owner)

    I will give them 4 Stars. It started to go up really fast and then went down a bit and then started going up again! Thank you so much gonna spend more.

    comments: 500 x 1
  4. Owen James T. (verified owner)

    I am satisfied but I wish quality was a bit higher !

    comments: 50 x 1
  5. Ben Salomee (verified owner)

    Well, YOU are the Number 1. No wonder why you are in this business for 7 years ! they really know their work.

    comments: 50 x 1
  6. Dj Tearz (Canada) (verified owner)

    You are reason my music actually get heard. Can’t thank you enough

    comments: 500 x 1
  7. Kimobabeee (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the product !

    comments: 50 x 1
  8. OG Dicegod (verified owner)

    I am a loyal customer, how can I request a discount?

    comments: 20 x 1
  9. Ricardo D Giorno (verified owner)

    This thing is real! Seriously, best promotion agency for upcoming artists

    comments: 20 x 1
  10. Black Moses (verified owner)

    I have spent $400 on your site, can I get extra discount? You are amazing !

    comments: 50 x 1
  11. H-Goofly Designs (verified owner)

    I have been reading the reviews before placing the order and it convinced me, as at the beginning I was a confused. But it worked great !

    comments: 20 x 1
  12. Yuwadi Music (verified owner)

    I have been reading the reviews before placing the order and it convinced me, as at the beginning I was a confused. But it worked great !

    comments: 100 x 1
  13. Altostate Inc. (verified owner)

    I am addicted now 😀 Seriously gonna spend $100 every month, its really an investment so not just wasted money.

    comments: 20 x 1
  14. End to End Records (verified owner)

    good prices, good customer support. will come back & order more !

    comments: 50 x 1
  15. Alex Zaraz (verified owner)

    the service provided was excellent and my profile is growing every day after placing the order with them. Amazing stuff here!

    comments: 50 x 1
  16. Dj Damn-it ! (verified owner)

    5/5 stars, PERIOD !

    comments: 200 x 1
  17. MercuryMusik (verified owner)

    I think I will be a very loyal buyer, as I am highly impressed with their service. Not to mention that my account looks stunning now !

    comments: 500 x 1
  18. End to End Records (verified owner)

    5 Stars ! No more to say.

    comments: 200 x 1
  19. John Lynn Music (verified owner)

    I was sceptical because I hard that you can get your account suspended but they delivered the natural safe way, everything is safe!

    comments: 100 x 1
  20. Andrew D. (verified owner)

    legit comments from legit users. cool

    comments: 20 x 1
  21. Rickz MC (verified owner)

    I am satisfied, will eventually come back. Can I get a discount code? I emailed you.

    comments: 200 x 1
  22. Mr Flopp (verified owner)

    comments look random, not targeted

    comments: 500 x 1
  23. DJ SCHAN (verified owner)

    These comments are so real, even most accounts have Instagram stories. Highly recommended

    comments: 200 x 1
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