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    get more youtube views 2022

    Buy YouTube Views - Get more Youtube Views 2022

    YouTube views or clicks play an important role in the success of a YouTuber, because many clicks on a video that end in so-called “long views” lead to a good content rating of the YouTube algorithm. In this article we will explain you why you should buy Youtube Views in 2022.

    Long views or clicks are understood to mean that a viewer stays in the video for at least eight minutes. If your videos have a high click or view rate, a long dwell time and a high watch time, YouTube will rate your content positively on the video platform, which leads to a better ranking.

    Anyone who wants to earn money with their YouTube channel, be it through advertisements, with the setting of affiliate links in the video description or through sales of products or services that are presented and advertised in the videos, will be focused on optimizing these numbers ( Watch time, video likes, number of subscribers) are very important.

    It’s just a fact: people use social media to orient themselves to certain numbers and fall into peer pressure. On YouTube, these are primarily the number of video views, the number of subscribers to a channel and possibly the number of comments under a video. The first two points are more important, however.

    If a video has a high number of views in the YouTube search suggestions, it is guaranteed to be clicked on by users more than one with few views. People allow themselves to be influenced and misled by the majority, in the belief that the right thing to do, such as B. following an entertaining and well-known channel, buying a good product, etc.

    Numerous view sellers in the market

    There is a large market for providers of purchased YouTube views. If you want to achieve a high reach quickly with your YouTube videos, optimizations such as video title, thumbnails and channel name are not enough. Through the purchased clicks and the associated boost, organic views can increase by up to 40 percent and more users can become subscribers of the channel.

    There are now some providers on the Internet where you can, among other things, you can buy Youtube Views. The clicks / views are available in packages of different sizes and at low prices: for example, 1,000 clicks cost 10 US Dollars from our services at

    Should I buy Youtube Views in 2022 ?

    If you really want to buy YouTube views and keep the risk of attracting negative attention on YouTube as low as possible, you should not be satisfied with the cheapest provider.

    You can recognize a good provider by various factors:

    • They publishe real, reliable reviews from customers.
    • They have been in the market for several years.
    • Good reliable conditions at not too cheap prices.
    If you don’t have too many views yet, you shouldn’t buy 100,000 views straight away, but start with small packages. The clicks should be spread over several days and should not even be used in one day.
    If you move in a small niche, a video with several thousand views can look suspicious that it was intentionally pushed.
    Still, buying YouTube clicks can have positive effects on the YouTube search algorithm. Because numerous views are a factor that means that the video is displayed more frequently in the search suggestions and thus ranks better.
    Buying YouTube clicks can lead to a push, but shouldn’t be overdone. Because if YouTube notices, a punishment is realistic and more than unpleasant.

    Advantages of buying Youtube Views

    • Easier start on the YouTube platform
    • More video clicks in the search suggestions, which means more views and more watch time
    • Greater likelihood of conversions due to more video views
    • Higher organic views through better placement in the YouTube algorithm

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