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How do I delete my Instagram account?

    If you no longer need your Instagram account or would like to delete it for any other reason, we will explain to you in a few steps how it works.

    Please note, however: Deleting the mobile app is relatively cumbersome, which is why you should rather delete your account on the computer. It’s much faster and easier that way. 

    If you have important photos on your account that you want to keep, back up your photos before deleting them. There are various programs to help you do this. We recommend that you search for the term “Instagram Downloader” in a search engine and download one of the programs offered according to the operating system used so that you can then use it to store the images safely.

    If you use your account again at a later point in time and want to buy Instagram followers, for example, you can also temporarily deactivate it. You can find out more about this in the second part of these instructions.

    How to delete your Instagram account:

    1. First log in to the Instagram homepage with your login data.

    3. Scroll all the way down. At the bottom right of the page you will find the link “I want to delete my account”. Click on it.

    2. Click your user name in the top right corner of the page and then click “Edit Profile”.


    4. Now you have to state the reason for deleting your account and enter your password again in the field below.

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