How to get more Spotify Streams

how to get more spotify streams

How is it still possible to stand out with your songs? How to get more Spotify streams and generate more exposure for your music?

If you want to know how to get more Spotify Streams We have a few tips for you that can help you achieve these goals. After all, why all the hard work on the productions themselves if hardly anyone gets to hear it? Here are our top 5 basic rules for more streams: Let’s go!

1. Don't buy fake streams!

Of course, artists every now and then ask themselves the question: “Why the hell should I do all the work – when the easiest way is to just buy the fake streams from online providers?” Well, technically it is even possible, but we strongly advise against it. Spotify’s algorithm is so smart that it will take your song off the portal faster than you would like. We at Socialnovo also strongly oppose fake streams. Playlist curators will do their part if the places where your songs are most heard are on the other side of the world. Therefore: FINGER AWAY from dubious providers who want to sell you fake streams! Honest, organically created streams from real fans will bring you much, much more in the long term anyway. You can find offers for REAL SPOTIFY STREAMS 👉 HERE

2. Marketing

Success stands and falls with the marketing of your music. You can invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in advertising and promotions, but if you do it wrong, all that nice money sucks. Therefore: it depends on the right marketing and the right channels and target group settings for you. Then in the end it doesn’t need huge sums – you can achieve a lot with low-budget campaigns.

If you are new here: online marketing is the be-all and end-all!

Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the only point of contact with your fans apart from live appearances. Therefore, in order to reach as many of your fans as possible, you should be present and active in as many social networks as possible.

To get the streams you want on Spotify, you need to have a loving fan base. We have already published a few articles on the subject of online marketing on our blog, so you should be aware that this is a pretty important topic.

Encourage your followers to follow you on Spotify and stream the new song as soon as it comes out! Share your tracks in your Instagram story, create a playlist and share it on all your channels, tag all other artists and bands from the playlist in your posts or send a friendly message to ask them to share the playlist. If it fits musically, they may also add a song of yours to their playlist in return.

Keep your fans up to date on what’s going on with you – whether it’s a live appointment, an interview, a promotional cooperation, or a general topic that is close to your heart! Reply to your fans’ messages on Instagram and respond to their comments. The more you interact with your fans and build an artist-fan relationship, the more likely they are to follow you on Spotify and stream your songs. If you don’t want to wait too long to see results, check our Spotify Growth services.

3. Get verified and use Spotify for Artists

In order to improve your chances of getting into playlists, you should have your profile verified by Spotify and create your artist profile. The Spotify for Artists app will help you with this – register and get your blue tick! What does he bring you? With the blue tick behind your name, your fans know that your artist profile belongs to you.

If you are an official and verified Spotify artist, you can pimp your profile as you like: you can create an artist bio, upload a picture gallery, share your own favorite music in a playlist with your fans, your social media channels and ( via Songkick Tourbox) your concert dates and even sell your merch on Spotify! Sounds great, doesn’t it?
You can find out more about Spotify for Artists here!

4. Into the playlists

At least one week before your release date, you should definitely pitch your track to Spotify’s in-house playlist editors via Spotify for Artists, i.e. explain in a few lines what the song and the associated campaign are about, which instruments were used and in which Language are the lyrics and which genres you assign the song to. All of these details help the curators at Spotify put your song into the correct playlists. If the pitch takes place at least 8 days before the release date, the song will definitely end up in the release radar of all your followers and will possibly reach hundreds, maybe even thousands of streams in the first few weeks.

5. Create your own playlist

If you don’t get to any of the big Spotify playlists for the time being, create your own playlists. This is how you show your fans and followers which music you are celebrating and where you are musically locating yourself. Update these playlists regularly and point them out to your followers. Over time you will get new followers, who could also become possible new fans.

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